SecureCommand provides law enforcement with situational awareness/intelligence led policing solutions to retrieve, analyze and CJIS compliant delivery of critical information to law enforcement personnel.

Data Assimilation Capabilities Combined with Secure Sharing

The most technologically advanced real-time crime analysis dashboard in the world.

The Solution Efficiently retrieves data across multiple data sources and sensor feeds to vastly reduce analyst/research time. SecureCommand can also compile and aggregate data for easy analysis and distribution.


Connect Internal and External Data Sources

Assimilate virtually Any Data Source or Feed for efficient retrieval with SecureCommand. Seamless Integrations Provide Quick Access to Intelligence from All Data Sources and sensor feed including:

  • Internal Databases including: RMS, CADS, SharePoint-based systems, and FIR’s
  • Public Records sources including: Clear and LexisNexis
  • Government Records including: Courts, Filings, Corporations, Property, and Licenses
  • Surveillance and Video Feeds including: Traffic Cams, Body and Dash Cams,  and Private Sector CCTV
  • Shot Detection Systems
  • AVL Vehicle Location Systems
  • Social Media monitoring
  • Any data source with API integration capability

Secured Communication Channel

SecureCommand is also a CJIS Compliant Information/Intelligence Sharing solution allowing for Instant 2-Way delivery and request between field personnel and analysts. Personnel can quickly and easily request or receive actionable intelligence from analysts and command. Agency designees can distribute critical information to all law enforcement personnel within any selected geographic area; or by rank, assignment or specific location.

Distribute critical information to all law enforcement personnel within any selected geographic area; or, by rank, assignment or location. Personnel can then quickly access and  review real-time data, information, analysis, and actionable intelligence relevant to them from analysts and or command. Direct 2-Way communication and collaboration between field personnel and command becomes instant.

Agency-Determined Options for Delivering Information and Intelligence to LEO’s

  1. GEO-Fenced Distribution – Received by LEO’s as they enter a geo-fenced area where the need for the information/intelligence is relevant.
  2. Geographic Distribution without GEO-Fencing Technology – Distributed to LEO’s based on pre-assigned areas/sectors/districts of patrol or responsibility.
  3. Command and Assignment Distribution – Distributed to LEO’s as groups or individuals based on command structure or command responsibility.
  4. On-Demand Geospatial Map View with Multiple Layers – Map view provides LEO’s geo-based intelligence and information via live, dynamic map layers throughout an entire region.

GEO-Targeted Notifications

Personnel in the field receive GEO-targeted push notifications alerting them to new information related to their current or anticipated locations in the field.  If warranted, the user can be re-notified with the same information each time they re-enter the GEO-target area.