America’s #1 Residential Association Technologies

Community Connect Residential

America’s Most Advanced Association and

Property Management Technology for

Managing Resident Requests, Questions and Information

SilentProtect Residential

Powerful Technology that Helps Secure the

Safety & Property of Association Residents

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    Empowering Residents

    Community Connect Residential and Silent Protect Residential apps utilize cutting-edge technology that empowers residents with two-way communications between residents and their associations.

    Community Connect Residential

    Receive, Manage and Respond to Resident Information & Requests: Fast, Accurately and Personally.

    With Community Connect Residential technology, residential communities have powerful control over the real-time flow of resident requests, information and communications.

    Emails and repetitive phone calls are replaced with a simple to use App that directs residents’ requests and complaints, with exact information and GPS location, to the exact Property Manager, Maintenance, Security or other pre-designated person with everything they need to know.

    Silent Protect Residential

    Powerful Technology that Helps Secure the Safety & Property of Association Residents.

    Silent Protect Residential is a powerful security technology built on the same platform as Shield Group’s Silent Protect law enforcement technology and was designed and built-in coordination with major law enforcement agencies.

    It gives Association residents world-class security technology that enables them to alert Association security 24/7 and provide security with the information they need to come to their aid quickly and effectively – protecting both resident’s safety and property.