SecureCommand provides law enforcement with the most advanced situational awareness and intelligence-led policing technology available, anywhere.
It retrieves, analyzes and provides CJIS-compliant delivery of sensitive, critical information to law enforcement personnel.

The CJIS-Compliant Information/Intelligence Sharing provided through SecureCommand allows for instant 2-way delivery and requests between field personnel and analysts. With SecureCommand law enforcement officers can quickly and easily request or receive actionable intelligence from analysts, field personnel and command. Designated agency staff can distribute critical information to all law enforcement personnel within any selected geographic area; or by rank, assignment or specific location.

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  • Powerful Situational Awareness

    SecureCommand’s powerful, real-time common operating picture provides field personnel with access to integrated assets. With a one click, Officers and Deputies in the field can easily adapt to constantly changing & unfolding operations and emerging events. In addition to shared intelligence from command, mobile users can immediately view asset locations and access critical information tied to integrated sensors. SecureCommand brings a full command center to the fingertips of field personnel, and enables them obtain relevant, nearby information.

  • A Solution for all sizes

    SecureCommand can be rapidly deployed irrespective of equipment or protocols that are currently in place. It is a web and app-based solution requiring no additional hardware -- so MDT’s and other devices don’t need any software installed or updated. SecureCommand is provided as a Software as a Service (SAAS) with the option to host the solution on agency servers or a secure cloud-based server. SecureCommand functionality, deployment platform, ease of use and low cost make it perfect for all agencies, regardless of the size or available resources.

  • Completly Secured Communications

    One of the Law Enforcements greatest challenges is the need to modify existing communication systems to meet the demands of CJIS compliance without losing the ability to easily share information. SecureCommand provides instant 2-way CJIS-compliant communications allowing personnel to easily request or receive actionable intelligence. This capability allows personnel to quickly access and review real-time data, information, analyses, and actionable intelligence from analysts or command that is relevant to them and their location.

The Most Technologically Advanced Situational Awareness, Real-Time Crime Analysis Dashboard in the World.

Seamless Data Scans

Seamless, integrated data compilation capabilities combine with secured intelligence sharing to allow law enforcement field personnel to quickly access and review real-time data, historical information, analyses, and actionable intelligence. SecureCommand provides immediate access to intelligence from any data source with API integration capabilities including

  • Surveillance and Video Feeds including: Traffic Cams, Body and Dash Cams, Shot Detection Systems and Private Sector CCTV
  • AVL Vehicle Location Systems
  • Internal Databases including: RMS, CADS, SharePoint-based systems, and FIR’s
  • Government & Public Records sources including: Clear and LexisNexis, Court Filings, Corporations, Property, and Licenses
  • Social Media monitoring

Dynamic Distribution

Once intelligence has been compiled, agency command can distribute critical information to any/all law enforcement personnel within any selected geographic area; or by rank, current assignment or tag it to a specific location. Field personnel are able to receive GEO-targeted push notifications alerting them to intelligence and information related to their current or anticipated locations in the field. If necessary, users can be automatically re-notified with the same information each time they re-enter the GEO-target area.