ShieldConnect Real-Time Crime Technology Delivers On-Demand Text, Photo, Video and Graphics to Law Enforcement Personnel in the Field


Powerful Features for Real-Time Delivery of Data & Information

Direct 2-Way Information Delivery and Request Between Field Personnel and Analysts/Command

Personnel in the field can quickly and easily receive or request real-time data, information, analysis and actionable intelligence from analysts; this can be sent as text, audio, video, photos or graphics – from all of PBSO’s  in-house data bases and analysts investigative tools.


GEO-targeted Distribution to Groups in the Field

ShieldConnect RTC℠ empowers Analysts and Detectives to distribute the same types of critical information to all law enforcement personnel within any selected geographic area.




Efficient Read & Request-friendly Data and Information

Unlike a request for information to analysts or a reply sent to field personnel via email or text, ShieldConnect RTC℠ provides a visually-friendly, easy-to-use and comprehensive  format that makes the intake and utilization of the analyst’s information much easier to absorb quickly.


Secure, Encrypted Delivery

Maximized OPSEC with secure server-client communications by SSL encryption, IP limited access to admin dashboard, enhanced password security with 256 bits encryption, admin notifications preventing unauthorized screenshots taken in the app.


Limit Liability

The numerous features of ShieldConnect RTC℠ are designed to avoid and eliminate many of the potential Agency liability issues resulting from the dissemination of intelligence and sensitive suspect information. Containing ‘tracking’ and receipt, it establishes an affirmative attempt to avoid the capturing and re-distribution of sent information.


Powerful, user-friendly control of information distribution.

The request from and sent to distribution of information to law enforcement personnel in the field is controlled from a powerful, user-friendly CMS/Dashboard platform. The operation of the CMS/Dashboard requires no specialized training and can be integrated into the duties of current analyst staffing.


Know They Read It

ShieldConnect RTC℠ provides law enforcement command with individualized “read receipts” documenting law enforcement personnel in the field received and viewed important sensitive information sent to them.


Current Compatibility

ShieldConnect RTC℠ is designed to completely function with most law enforcement agencies’ current systems of research and data retrieval.


For the Future: Fully Integratable with Web Services

There is no technology on the market that more powerfully delivers real-time crime center data and information than ShieldConnect RTC℠. It is specifically designed to simply, easily and fully integrate into web services delivery of data and information,  and can be seamlessly integrated into web services delivery of data.


iOS, Android and Toughbook/MDT compatible.

ShieldConnect RTC℠ mobile technology works with both iOS and Android compatible smart phones. It is also fully deployable on MDT’s, if desired.