Simple, powerful, anonymous technology to Combat COVID-19 in your location.

Beginning in March of this year, Shield Group Technologies has worked 7-days-a-week to develop a Covid-19 response technology that was as simple to use as it was powerful in its performance.

We reached beyond our own team of outstanding developers to include the expertise, talents and resources of outstanding minds on three continents.

We believe the result to be the most powerful, informative, confidential and user-friendly technology of its kind, anywhere.

Stronger Together,
Safer Apart.

CombatCOVID collects encrypted Bluetooth communication data and keeps it on the device until a person learns that he or she is COVID-19 positive.

All users who have been in close proximity to a COVID-19 positive person will be notified by a push notification recommending they get tested immediately. Suggested locations for testing are also provided.

The CombatCOVID app uses Bluetooth signals to determine if you are near another user. If either of you are ever COVID-19 positive, you can decide if you want to inform the other person while protecting your personal identity.

We use low power Bluetooth technology for devices to communicate with each other via random keys to protect your privacy. Devices that use GPS locations are inherently more power-consuming and intrusive on a user’s privacy.

There is never any location or identity information acquired by CombatCOVID.