Silent Protect

Silent Protect provides users who are at a higher risk for threats and violence with a
powerful 2-way communications tool linked to law enforcement.

Silent Protect enables the user to transmit an array of crucial information about the threat to responding law enforcement. With Silent Protect, government employees, health care workers, high-risk businesses, educators and others are “never alone” when under a threat or attack.

With Silent Protect You’re Never Alone

During an unfolding threat to a facility, Silent Protect provides a direct, totally silent, two-way communications link between officials & employees and law enforcement — providing law enforcement with a wealth of vital information about the threat, including:

  • The precise GPS location of users under threat both inside AND outside of the building including parking lots, grounds, common areas, etc.
  • Real-time tracking of the user’s location when activated.
  • Live stream of video from inside the threatened facility for tactical use by law enforcement silently delivered without the knowledge of those posing the threat.
  • Recording of audio and video of threat for investigation/arrest/prosecution.
  • Activation of the mobile device’s microphone, not the speaker enabling law enforcement to silently listen and respond to events, with subtle notification to the user that one way listening by law enforcement is activated.
  • Silent 2-way, real-time chat between the threatened user and multiple tactical law enforcement personnel simultaneously, silently using vibration with no sound when messages from law enforcement are delivered to the user.
  • The ability for law enforcement and government officials to instantly and silently “blast-out” information and instructions to all users of the app in the facility during a threat.
  • Powerful law enforcement admin console for instant and precise monitoring of incoming information from the threat.
  • Monitoring of all incoming user threat communications is provided by Shield Group for instant relay to law enforcement; or, can be directly monitored by local or state law enforcement.