Consumer Protection

Protect Your Residents with Advanced Technology for Real Time Reporting of Consumer Fraud or Price Gouging

Shield Group’s proprietary technology empowers state Attorneys General and other law enforcement and regulatory agencies with powerful, real time information needed to pursue consumer fraud or price gouging.

Protect Your Residents

Telephone calls and emails lack the accurate, detailed and timely information your office needs to pursue consumer fraud and price gouging complaints.

Our mobile app and backend technology will give you what you need.

In addition to properly structured and detailed information with relevant facts regarding the consumer complaint, you can also receive time stamped, exact location GEO tagged information including photographs and videos.

Shield Group consumer fraud and price gouging technology doesn’t just receive information from consumers, it delivers and exports consumer fraud reports to your agency’s internal databases for search query and retrieval; and, can be customized to route information to the exact person or division
overseeing the type of complaint.

All in real time.