Call 911 and notify law enforcement of your locationBrilliant technology that helps protect students, faculty and staff.

StudentProtect empowers school communities to instantly alert law enforcement about threats and transmit their exact GPS location.

With one simple Alert Button, students, faculty and administration can instantly contact campus law enforcement to speak with them and simultaneously provide the exact GPS coordinates of the threat.


Ext. 702


Anonymously report threats and suspicious activity.

Powerful threat and suspicious activity reporting by category of threat/concern. User can also send images and video.

Backed by a world-class information distribution system for law enforcement and cooperating agencies with the power to instantly distribute information. All users have the option of totally anonymous reporting of threats and suspicious activity.

StudentProtect allows campus law enforcement to send information to the campus community based on where individuals are physically located at any given moment, enabling information and bulletins to be distributed in a way never before possible. Information from campus law enforcement to the campus community can be delivered as:

  • Rich Text
  • Audio or Video Message
  • Image/Photo
Select the schools you want to be notified about Keep informed with bulletins from your schools

GEO-Targeted information,
alerts, notifications and bulletins.

All reported incidents are listed either chronologically or by distance from the user’s current location.

Select your school for instant alerts and notifications.

By selecting your individual school you can receive specific alerts and information about your school.

School law enforcement controls and directs incoming
suspicious activity and threat information in real time.

With StudentProtect, campus law enforcement has powerful control over the real-time flow and direction of incoming information from the app’s users. They can pre-designate where suspicious activity reports are instantly shared within their agency, as well as real-time sharing with any cooperating law enforcement agency it desires.

In addition to a central default location for all information to be sent for analysis, suspicious activity sent to campus law enforcement via StudentProtect℠ can be automatically distributed.

Report any suspicious activitystudent-protect-cms