community-connect-1CommunityConnect gives localities the power to communicate with residents in ways never before possible.

CommunityConnect Provides 2-Way, GPS-Targeted Communications with Residents.

CommunityConnect gives counties, cities and towns the power to send GEO-fenced information to residents based on exactly where residents are physically located at the moment; and to receive a variety or GEO-tagged information from residents.

Send to residents: GEO-targeted Communications and Information.

Localities can communicate information with residents targeted to where in the community they live, work or are at play at the moment — providing residents with information that is the most relevant to their homes, neighborhoods or location. GEO-targeted information can be delivered as:

  • Text
  • Audio or Video Message
  • Photo
 community-connect-2 community-connect-3

Receive from residents: Real-time, GEO-tagged Information or requests for service.

With CommunityConnect counties, cities and towns have powerful control over the real-time flow and direction of incoming information from residents. This information can be actual service requests with the GPS-tag of the issue; or, reports from residents with information from their neighborhood. Information, issues and requests for service can be totally customized and include:


  • Animal Control
  • Code Compliance
  • Noise and Sound
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Street signs & lights
  • Street maintenance & cleaning
  • Water & Flooding
  • Graffiti
  • Environmental issues
  • Parking
  • Grass & weed growth
  • Refuse collection & recycling


Available in two configurations

  • A Stand-Alone Technology for iOS and Android Devices; or,
  • As Part of a Complete Suite Including the ConnectProtect Local Law Enforcement App
CommunityConnect mobile technology is available as both a stand-alone technology for iOS and Android devices; or, as part of a complete local government mobile application suite that includes a comprehensive menu of functions for law enforcement.